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This love story moved us!!

Love has no boundaries, and this story we got to experience live! What is more beatiful than the strong bond between a dog and its owner?

Some time ago we were a part of a photoshoot for the legendary Condé Nast Traveler. The Argentinian journalist Christian Oliva-Vélez, did a story on dog-friendly places in Oslo.

Chris brought a lovely dachs to Norway called Eros. Eros has a heartbreaking story. When Chris found Eros a couple of years ago, he was abused and abandoned in Spain. Chris rescued him and gave him food and love, and probably saved his life!

Since then the two have been inseparable, Eros has been Chris travel companion in countless travels around the world, and the blog www.dogfriendlytraveler.com have been born. The concept is to travel to the most beautiful and picturesque places in the world- along with your best friend!

In addition, they started the photo poject #NoAlAbandono where they photograph Spanish celebrities, but also other European “influencers” they meet on their way, along with Eros, to promote a more responsible dog ownership, preventing dog abandonment. A true inspiration!

We are truly proud to be a part of this wonderful project!!! Please follow Chris and Eros adventure on their blog and Instagram!

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Me llamo Christian Oliva-Vélez, llevo 6 años viajando con Eros y estudiando el mundo del can. Como lo bueno se comparte, desde el año 2014 ofrecemos nuestro contenido gratuitamente en la Web de Dog Friendly traveler®, emprendimiento original, único e incomparable.

Publicado el Ago 8, 2016

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